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Angel Reiki is a beautiful energy healing that anyone can learn, whether it is the beginning of your spiritual journey or further step along your spiritual path. What I particularly love about Angel Reiki is its very gentle energy which helps us hold a safe and nurturing space for ourselves and others, be it at home or in the workplace. When we start to follow the Reiki path we can often find a deeper spiritual connection, and our lives can become more calm and peaceful. Changes you experience may be subtle or more profound. It is different for everyone.

I usually teach Reiki on a one to one basis, at a time which suits you. However, I can also offer attunements in pairs if you have a friend that wishes to join you.


Level 1 attunements are given over two part days, approximately two weeks apart. You will then be able to use the healing energies for yourself and offer Reiki to friends and family.

Level 2 attunements are given over one day. You will then be required to undertake six case studies and finally return for a follow up session. You will then be able to practice as an Angel Reiki healer, although some people simply wish to deepen their connection with the Reiki energies and will continue to practice Reiki just for themselves and others close to them.

Angel Reiki Master is for those who wish to take the final step  within the Angel Reiki journey.

Level 1 - £145

Level 2 - £195

Masters - £250

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